Friday, June 20, 2008


 my god. 

Skidmore was crazy.

And I'm back.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Louie, Louie

I am with a bunch of old ladies at a writer's conference in Saratoga Springs (me and my bright ideas) and all I can think about is Louie. I met Louie just before I pulled out of New York City on Sunday.

Louie, who leaned over to me at the Hess station on Metro and Bushwick, grabbed my hands, called me Mammi, and told me he was voting for McCain.

I was putting 10w-40 and gas in the car.

I said, "Oh, Louie, no!" Glancing at his New York plates, relaxing into the fact that it actually doesn't matter who Louie votes for, but none the less. Here was my nightmare AND mind you, the thing I said couldn't possibly happen- I refused to believe would happen. Who was going to swing from Hillary to McCain? Who would be so extreme? Obama to McCain I always understood, there was an appeal Obama was making to *those* guys; I got those people; I think I dated one once.

Why would we do this to ourselves? We are so close. Eyes on the god- damned road people!

But Louie held fast to my oil slicked hands and said "Mami, I don't like Muslims."

Had I not had to get on the road as soon as I closed my hood I probably would have passed out, right then and there.

I actually met and was holding hands with a man who believed the crazy republican propaganda in WILLIAMSBURG BROOKLYN. (watch out Melissa your naivete is showing.) My 'hood. 25 feet from my house.

"Louie, babe, it's propaganda," I tried "It's not true. What's with the church?"

Louie then let me know that he watched Obama sworn in NOT on a Bible. To Louie's credit he did not say a Koran.

But he believed that Hilary would have "kept us safe" but that Obama is what? Gonna get us?

The whole thing was as disturbing as the almost- $5- a- gallon sticker price for the gas I was buying.

40 dollars later, I drove away.

It was the best that I could do.

I had recently learned the three "L's"to employ whenever you are talking to any extremist or to anyone whose mind you cannot change.

First You Listen
then You Love
and then You Leave.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama is Black. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

Looks like I owe Blayne Scofield $50 dollars. Unless, of course, Obama decides this whole thing was silly in the first place and changes his mind. Let's wait to see if he changes his mind....

Actually, to be honest, I am very excited and looking forward to this race. I think the man is going to make an excellent candidate and if John McCain is still alive in November- we're gonna take him down.

I have one last thing to get off my chest about the race, race, and gender before I join the screaming fans.

I would like to describe a T- Shirt I saw on a girl the other day. The tag:

Once you vote black you never go back.

Guys, this whole thing has been as much about race and gender as ANYTHING else and I think it is in our strength for us to admit that instead of denying it.

I caught some real flack from different people ( friends, lovers, liars) over the course of this whole thing- me all the while saying that One of the Reasons I was voting for Hillary was because a female running for president is a political act. I still think it is. So is the fact that our good man Obama is black. In this country both of these things were a big deal. Pure and simple. Just ask that Preacher. Just ask the people telling Hillary to do the ironing. Just ask the populations in the south that came out to vote that never had before.

We want to own the good part of having a black candidate (it's progressive, we are making headway, see race doesn't matter) and stuff in the closet or WORSE make invisible all the parts of it that make us (especially white intellectuals/artists/tax evaders) uncomfortable.

Barack Obama is black. He is black and that is political. Part of the reason that this is happening - that this is historic- is because he is black and it scares me MORE that we aren't owning that.
We have to own that he is a black man and be honest that it is part of the reason we are nervous that he isn't going get the votes in those states from those voters.

I am still hung up about the fact the left has done itself more harm than good, choking up our ability to use language and acknowledge differences. If you don't talk about the elephant in your living room we will never figure out how to get it out of the house and its going to shit everywhere and eat your sofa. Then you will have lots of shit everywhere and no sofa.

Obama knows he is black. He gave that awesome, awesome speech.

Bring on that change everyone has been taking off their clothes for. I'm in bed with the black man. I hear once you go black... well, you've heard it before.

Pathetically still secretly hoping for a dream ticket,


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Cops and Kids Tonight and Friday see below!!!

It is gonna be crazy!!!


riot act!

The Police-Teen Theater Project Spring 2008 Performance

Young people from Brooklyn combine forces with officers from three NYPD
precincts to create a night of hilarious, moving, and totally unpredictable theater.
Rehearsed scenes, monologues, and classic improv all come together in
RIOT ACT! – the first full-length performance of the Police-Teen Theater Project.

Wednesday, June 4 at 7:00 pm
PS/MS 27 – The Agnes Humphrey School for Leadership
27 Huntington Street (2 blocks west of Hamilton Ave)
Red Hook, Brooklyn

Friday, June 6 at 7:00 pm
BRIC Studio
647 Fulton Street (at Rockwell Place)
Downtown Brooklyn

Admission is free!

For reservations call 718-395-3218
or visit

The Police-Teen Theater Project, sponsored by Falconworks Artists Group and
the Red Hook Community Justice Center, is an innovative program where young
people from Brooklyn and police officers who serve their neighborhoods take classes
together in improvisational theater.

riot act! artwork by Linden Elstran

Major financial support for the Police-Teen Theater Project has been provided
the Independence Community Foundation.
This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City
Department of Cultural Affairs.

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Falconworks Artists Group is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to empower communities and individuals through theater that addresses personal and local issues. Founded in 1997 and incorporated in 2004, Falconworks achieves its mission through workshops in playwriting and performance that offer individuals the skills and resources to tell their own stories; through partnerships with community-based organizations to develop theater that educates audiences and participants about pressing local issues; and through mentoring by theater professionals and collaborations in theater that help participants develop valuable life and work skills.

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