Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And, We're Back

Hi. I am back in America. 

Couple things...

Just in case there was any confusion:

Being able to SEE Russia does not constitute "foreign travel" nor does Putin flying over your Home state mean that you have experience with diplomatic relations. 


Please vote for Obama. 

Please go register to vote. Like, right now if it is before 5pm where you are. 

Please do not buy a pair of eye glasses that look like Sarah Palin's because she wears them.

Please do not be enticed by the fact that she is a "MILF."

Please be afraid that she could be the President. 

Please do not confuse her for a feminist.

Please go to places like Pennsylvania and Ohio and knock on doors and tell them. 


The whole world is watching. No, seriously, it is, and shooting Moose while various animal species are dying off warms my fucking cockles. I don't know about your cockles. 

(Yes, I understand that she has probably been to Canada.)


Friday, September 19, 2008

Bevar Christiania

So, I am out of Scandinavia and have woken up this morning in Former East Berlin.

I love the smell of a fallen regime in the morning. Especially over Kaffe and a keyboard.

I was evacuated from a train in Sweden yesterday. (Yes, I know. "What?" Exactly.) This very strange turn of events found me leaping from Nordic transport and onto Swedish train tracks that had to be turned off so as not to electrocute the people, now fleeing from their seats, merely attempting safe passage to Denmark. This adventure made me three hours late and so I took an afternoon train to Berlin, arriving under the cover of darkness to Prenzlauer Berg, a Village-esque part of town from as far as I can tell so far.

Please look at this link about Christiania.

This is where I was mostly staying in Denmark.

Freetown Chrisiania is an attempt at a free society in the City of Copenhagen and it was quite an experience, let me tell you. I drank with a huge population of people from Greenland, watched people sell hash and weed in stalls on "Pusher Street," and talked to an old-timer named Tim
who is pretty sure there is going to be a huge UFO over Alabama on October 14th of this year.
And that it is all gonna be great.

I just hope if it is true it helps Obama. I mean wouldn´t it be awesome if the Aliens had Vote for Obama T-shirts on? They could stay with me at my place if that were the case.

Chrisitiania is very controversial and many of its inhabitants, as well as tourists, wear shirts and buttons that say "Bevar Christiania." Like Defend Brooklyn. Preserve Christiania.

There is a very conservative governement in Denmark now and they don´t like the Hippies so much and are trying to put an end to all the love and fun.

Well, that is all for now. Berlin awaits. I have a thriving art city to discover.

As always.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wonderful Copenhagen

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

Friendly old girl of a town
'Neath her tavern light
On this merry night
Let us clink and drink one down
To wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen
Salty old queen of the sea
Once I sailed away
But I'm home today
Singing Copenhagen, wonderful, wonderful
Copenhagen for me

I spent the night in Sweden the other night. It was by far the funniest thing I have done since being in Europe. Waking up in Sweden. I am staring at a Denmark sunset, as we speak, here in lovely Copenhagen. In Copenhagen good-bye is "Hej Hej" and there is an awesome part of town called Christiania where I am staying that was taken over by the hippies in the 70´s. Vegan food and hash sellers in little stalls ahoy.

I have not yet seen the Little Mermaid.

Copenhagen is a bikers city and I can't read much of anything.

Wish you were here.

Don't vote for Sarah Palin.

Hej Hej.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't Palin For It

Hey all you "white women!"

For the love of G-d, we don't need a woman who kills moose in the White House. Nor do we need a woman who just got her passport at 44. It is isn't worth it.

I'm in the UK sweating Alaskan bullets on this one. Quick, someone start knocking on doors...i'll meet you in Ohio!

I leave for one month....

Meanwhile at 8am today the world may have begun to change for good. Big Bang in a very big Swiss box.

Our times.