Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What to do if you are kidnapped by Terrorists

This was actually on MSN this morning, cortesy of Slate.

Are these how-to articles, in this, our modern age, in this, our twenty-first century, going to begin substituting articles in places like Cosmo? Will this be on page 128 instead of that euphamistic article about how to give a better blow job, or how to be Anorexic without even really trying?

The way it was placed this morning, in the same spot I have clicked on articles like Beat Your Temper Before it Beats You and Blueberries: a Superfood, made me feel like it was a joke. If I am not mistaken this could be a headline in the Onion.

I think it comes just short of telling you not to lose your head.

Well, at least I know what the fuck to do now, don't I? Whew.

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