Friday, September 14, 2007

talkin' 'bout my generation

Oh How to Dress Your Children the Day You are Going to Pretend That They Have Polio is tonight.

There is going to be a great deal of winging it.

Don't think for a second I know what I am doing. That is for professionals.

Those of you who I will see tonight, see you soon!
Those who have sent their love from afar, I love you too.

I love all you guys.

(Redundant) Love,
The soon-to-be Preacher


Jonesalicious said...

You are going to rock the house! Love, hugs, leg-breaking wishes from Boston,

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your resplendent soon to establish a religion person, talking Shaw, show. I can only imagine.

Sam said...

There's no one better at winging it than you. Fact, where do I sign up for winging it 202? My grades were so good at 101....