Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ducking Under Bumble Bees

In the tradition of the Lone Gunmen from the X Files, those scientists that help Clarice Starling, and the Three Wise Men that appear under the stars with gifts for the Baby Jesus, come my own brilliant trio to help me understand strange moths and just who that Tennis player/mother was who came out of retirement.

Hint. It wasn't Joan of Arc. She was never anybody's mutter.

So, thank you guys for inspiring me back onto this old girl. This Old Girl called 'Shawdenfreude', which my pal, confidant, and medical experiment, Tom Hart told me seems outdated for who I am these days.

People have been crazy and times have been strange these days. Don't you know.

Like, I think it is worth mentioning, that in my free time I have been hanging out with a 96- year- old Kabbalistic Rabbi because, I am, apparently, searching for something that looks like a spiral and a big bright light. I opened for him last Sunday at a lecture. He told me I was a little Rabbi anyway, and that I would be just fine.

This Rabbi loves being alive. This Rabbi is going through a divorce. This Rabbi lost his first family in the Holocaust.

You know what this Rabbi does every morning?

He gets up and screams, "I -am -alive!"

Now, you skeptics, (me skeptics) might say sure, at 96, I'm sure that you're as relieved as hell that you are alive.

But this guy, this guy...well, he sees Bumble Bees, that I'm afraid of, ducking under on his back porch and tells me, chuckling, that see, even he wants to be an angel for me.

This guy, and others, is why New York is where they put me for now.

And also, if you never hang out at the bar where I work, I am sad to say you are sadly missing out.

So, here is to the Three Wise Men/Trivia Men/Lone Gunmen; Tom Hart, the genius cartoonist who came in yesterday wearing an electric doo rag because his doctors made him; and Dr. Joeseph Gelberman, My Rabbi, who is 96 years young and knows where to tell the sadness to stick it. Right in the Chokmah.

As for me...

You're right guys. I don't have to work that hard.

Thanks for finding my blog.


Tony said...

It's about bloody time. Welcome to whatever they're calling Out Here these days.

And Joan of Arc may never have been anybody's mama, but on the battefield, she was everybody's darling.

Peter said...

They aren't scientists, they're hackers