Friday, April 27, 2007

Earth-like planet

Scientists Find Most Earth-like Planet Yet.
This broke news the other day and I'll tell you it makes me nervous.
I think it has a lot less to do with being excited about the potential of finding new life and has everything to do with "where can we build a spaceship and go to after we have finished destroying this place."

So, when we find a planet like that, I'm thinking all the rich people are gonna keep on keeping on, and think in the back of their minds we'll always have planet 7x5600. I'll tell you it's the same kind of thinking that people who have dual citizenship have. If it ever gets really bad I can always move to Brazil.

Well, listen here you people thinking we can colonize other planets-

Stop it. If it ever gets that bad we are supposed to die off.

And if we are trying to find known life on other planets for the purposes of more outsourcing or even borrowing a cup of sugar, that isn't ok with me either. No one wants to have a BBQ with us, I'm sure. We're the lousy neighbors who have the cops called on them and trash the lawn. We have cat poop in the back yard and take the Neighborhood Watch way too seriously. Like with-a-shotgun seriously.

The Earth is gonna turn out to be the trailer park of the Universe.

Manifest Destiny does not apply outside the Milky Way.
Stop trying to sell EVERYONE an Ipod.


Megan said...

I'm picking up what you're putting down.

I don't think we should be allowed to F up one planet and move on to the next, but it might be cool to be able to vacation there. Like, god, I'm like, so totally like over earth. I'm heading out to 7x5600 for a while for a rest. Catch you earthlings laters!


Peter said...

Just because we spotted a nice place to move to doesn't mean we're going to get there anytime soon. We don't have anything close to 'warp drive,' hyperdrive, and barely use ion drive. It takes us almost a week just to get to the moon, and we haven't shitted that place yet.

Unless you count the opinion of the Navahos. They consider the moon a sacred place and they're mighty pissed that a while back we sent Eugene Shoemaker's ashes there. Bad medicine to stick white man's ashes in the Great Spirit's hunting grounds..

Although he was one of the founding fathers of planetary science (and discoverer of the Shoemaker-Levy comet that smashed into Jupiter some years back) NASA had to issue an apology to the entire Navaho nation, still about 250,000 strong.

Rachel said...

I didnt realize that many Navajo still existed.

And as a girl who watches Star trek like foreplay, I'm very excited about other planets. There's a moon of jupiter we're scoping too.

You know, by the time the United Federation of Planets was formed (at least so says Capt. Picard-the archetype of knowledge) there was no hunger, and we had resolved all of the ills of man. Even our recreation was better-- no more TV, those 3tier chess games, holodecks, and a ton of better medical science. It seems in order to exist long enough to get a warp drive, we'll have to fix everything else first.

I wouldn't be too worried.