Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flying Spaghetti and Other Internastical Musings

I am apparently three to four years, depending upon the subject and the web site, behind the times. I swear I am. It doesn't matter how much crappy Avant-Garde art I see, or artists I know; I am behind. I am ESPECIALLY behind when it has to do with Internet phenoms.

I bring this up for a variety of reasons. To begin with, I just learned about The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Apparently, everyone from 21 to 37 knows about this. Everyone, that is, except two or three of my friends who are equally behind.

Tragically unhip. It's a tragedy, really.

I wonder why this is. Why do some people know exactly where to look on the Internet
and others have only just joined gmail? Is it about age, culture, or education? Is it something completely intangible? Is it just that there are Internet it people?

Now, with my Luddite tendencies being exposed, and all that being said, I would like to bring this to everyone's attention.

This is Mike Daisy and what happened to him last week. Mike Daisy, in my opinion is a genius. As a solo performer, I am picky and snobby about who I like and who makes me laugh. Mike Daisy is a Spalding Gray for the 21st Century. We love Mike Daisy.

Now, if we watch the video we see something come over Mike's face just before an enraged audience member spills water all over his set list. From on stage Mike watched 87 people from a church related group walk out of his show at the ART in Cambridge. The "fucking Paris Hilton" bit put them over the edge, it seems.

Is Mike Daisy an F.T. Marinetti type, or are religious people really out of their minds? Well, either way, I thank those people for bringing more attention to Mike. He deserves it.

And in other news, a professor from Catholic Emmanuel College was fired for talking about the Massacre at Virginia Tech this week. He, at some point afterward, said something about freedom of speech, but I don't think any one was listening.
He's on You Tube, too.

All of this is coming in the wake of The Pope eliminating Limbo.
That's right folks, your dead unbaptised babies are now safe home in Jesus' bosom. More interesting than the dead babies, I think, are all the "good people" who died before the birth of Christ. I think the Pope should check in with the Jews and see how this effects the Jewish settlements in Limbo. Does there have to be a complete pull out, I wonder? Well, I guess this beats a symbolic right of return.
But, still, I wonder who will take care of King David's olive trees?


Anonymous said...

Hey there-

Your gag about the Jewish settlements in Limbo is so funny, I almost hate to point out that according to strict Catholic theology, the only Jews in Limbo are a) infants who died unbaptized or b) those Jews who died before the Jesus Era (i.e, no possibility of conversion.) The rest of 'em are burning away in Hell.

Also...37 as the upper age for FSM-awareness? I'm 39, as you well know. But thanks.


MS said...

Hey, Guy I Know...
If I am not mistaken, King David was alive before Jesus...and you don't look a day over 37. I'm not one to date a fellow, you know.

Megan said...

Oh. Holy. Crap. I had never heard of FSM until this post and I spent the majority of my afternoon at work cracking myself up about the noodly appendages. I love it. Love. It. Love it. I'm totally a born again Pastafarian.

Peace and noodles,