Wednesday, February 27, 2008


How come there isn't a facebook group called "Obama is a smug bitch?"

Because this crazed, blind, creepy, Obamafied fervor makes it politically incorrect to say anything about him.

It is actually unenlightened to speak out about this man of change, who is using all the dirty tactics of any politician mind you, but completely and totally fine to bash Hillary Clinton all you want.

Do it up, yo, she's the fat kid in class and he's the quarter back.
Screw her for not knowing enough to not have a vagina. What a Cunt.

The media has made me go from mildly liking him to really hoping he loses.


Not uniting anyone here.

I would like to remind everyone that the 'Nysnc craze also didn't last that long or mean that much either.

I hope he gets his shit together for the sake of all the 19- year- olds who threw their panties in the voting booths.

Hope? Maybe. Class? Definitely not.


Jonesalicious said...

Bitch is pissed! And hilarious!

Love you.

phixit said...

(sigh) I don't care. I'm still voting for Nader. There's something about Hillary I don't trust, and it isn't the menses. Obama... I dunno. His insiders are drinking the kool-aide, the media is drinking the kool-aide, so meh. I dunno who's being dirty or dirtier than anyone else. They're all cut from the same cloth, even McCaine. I'll keep voting for a loser until they take my registration card away.

MS said...

hey Phixit.
I would love to talk sometime.
How are you?

phixit said...

Same here. Still got my email address? I'm getting by.

TMoon said...

Thank you.