Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And, We're Back

Hi. I am back in America. 

Couple things...

Just in case there was any confusion:

Being able to SEE Russia does not constitute "foreign travel" nor does Putin flying over your Home state mean that you have experience with diplomatic relations. 


Please vote for Obama. 

Please go register to vote. Like, right now if it is before 5pm where you are. 

Please do not buy a pair of eye glasses that look like Sarah Palin's because she wears them.

Please do not be enticed by the fact that she is a "MILF."

Please be afraid that she could be the President. 

Please do not confuse her for a feminist.

Please go to places like Pennsylvania and Ohio and knock on doors and tell them. 


The whole world is watching. No, seriously, it is, and shooting Moose while various animal species are dying off warms my fucking cockles. I don't know about your cockles. 

(Yes, I understand that she has probably been to Canada.)


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