Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wild and Crazy- Sunday Feelings

I am very happy and excited about Colin Powell, can't say that I am surprised or have a question in my mind about why he endorsed Barack Obama. I think this is probably the most apropos place that the word duh, could be used on this blog. Duh. Duh. Duh.

And after having watched the new SNL sketch with Sarah Palin I am feeling a slew of different things.

First, that I still dislike her so much, and for that I am glowingly glad. No soft spot in my heart for her at all. Not even like the kind you have for people dying of lethal injection. Not even the feeling of "God, I bet you really could have been a better person and I hate the fact that you are being put to death."

I feel desperately bad every time I think about their last meals, those people on Death Row, especially when they have something cute for them like Orange Juice or M and M's. There is just always this moment where I am struck by their humanity and want to save them and somehow feel a sorrow that has a tinge of, dare I say it in front of some of you hard asses, love.

Sarah Palin did not conjure this feeling in me at all. Did you hear that Governor? A person who may have killed another person can evoke more compassion from me, just by eating a Mars bar before dying than you, stumbling over the words Caribou Barbie, ever will.


I say rape, you say kit. (The Lower 48 are not having it, sugar. Go Home.)

Second, that I CAN'T believe I am following SNL (albeit after Saturday night, and on the internet) a show I have not watched with any true joy or regularity since the late night re-runs on Nick at Night when I was 9.

Third, that parody "Todd" looked frighteningly like my latest ex-boyfriend. Especially when he danced.

And Fourth, that I still do not know how I feel about the fact that she was on it at all. At times I think it is almost like if they had had Pinochet on in the Seventies.

"Live from New York I am a crazy fascist."

Who am I kidding? I would actually love to see a Nick at Night re-run with Eddie Murphy and Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet as a cone head? Pinochet and the Two Wild and Crazy Guys?

Maybe Obama and Biden can do that when they win. Give us a taste of what the next four years will be like with them. Hell, If those two other chumps can be Mavericks then the A-team get to be two wild and crazy guys. Done. Someone call Martin and Akroyd and pull out the plaid.


Peter said...

Speaking of the A-Team, I've always identified with "Mad Dog" Murdoch the most. I would just LOVE to pop out of an armored coffin shooting blanks in the direction of enemies unknown while no one gets killed, ever.

Peter said...