Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's Round on the Edges and High in the Middle?

I just got back from Ohio, folks (my friends), and let me tell you that it is really happening there.

After watching the debates the other night I am more fired up then ever.

"That One" is very, very popular in many of these fine Continental 48 and I think it is important and should not be hidden by the media, that there are democratic miracles happening in that Little Ol' (read: Extremely, Extremely Important) Swing State That Wants To.

First you need to know that I was down there last weekend, in the Columbus area to be more exact, for a very historic event. Last weekend anyone in Ohio could register to vote and vote ON THE SAME DAY.

That's right you heard me. Ohio is voting now. Right now, as we speak, well, not as we speak because the polls are closed, but from September 30th until November 4rd the beautiful, talented, hardworking, well-voting population of the the Buck -Eye State are allowed to vote.

Registering to vote: $0 dollars

Pulling the lever without being messed with for three hours in the rain: Priceless.

This was designed, as far as we could make out, as a Never Again precaution so that salt of the earth Ohioans would never be left out in the cold on Election Day again.

And I say God bless their Football Loving Hearts.

Last weekend was the end of the registration period and now the game is simply a foot. A big, awesome, early- voting-shorten -the- lines- at -the- poll -so- less- people (people of color) get- fucked- with foot. To be exact.

So, let me tell you what I saw 'cause it was beautiful.

I saw dogs wearing Obama bling. I saw 75% of the voters walking out of the early polling places with stickers saying I Just Voted early for Barack Obama. Check. And that was Easily 75% of the voters.

I saw FREE voting taxis with numbers on their signs asking people to call for a lift to the polls.

FOR FREE, people, please do not forget.

The folks in Ohio, well, they are working together for change. Yes they Can.

I saw bigger Vans, with Obama-Biden signs, doing the same. Pick up and delivery, carting people over in 6-8 person loads so that they could do their civic duty and follow their moral imperative.

Russell Simmons. You know what that Old So and So did? He had a performance at an Obama rally in Downtown Columbus, wrapped up the music, and WALKED everyone in the audience over to vote at the Veteran's Memorial. Warms the heart.

He didn't say who to vote for...but I think you get the idea.

And I saw Cornel West speak, forgoing Bruce Springsteen who begged for his America back while on stage at Ohio State University down the road a stretch. Dr. West was electrifying in the University Baptist Church on St. Clair St on Sunday afternoon.

You know what he reminded us? He wanted to draw our attention to the importance of looking at how a country's "least" are doing. Those with the least. How are they getting on? What do our "have nots" have?

They have not.

I also want to say that Dr. West wanted everyone to leave the church and vote with their conscience, but to remember that Obama was not Jesus Christ. That he was not going to be our salvation. That we needed to be doing that.

Us, and that Other Guy out there.

No, not John McCain.

Cornel West said that people in the countries he had been to recently weren't asking how Brother McCain was doing in the polls.

Nope Dr. West, they weren't asking me how The Senator from Arizona was doing either.

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Peter said...

I have fond memories of Ohio, especially Youngstown and Cleveland. Of course said source is gone into the mists of history. All I have left is a hand scrawled note thanking me for getting them a Power Ranger MegaZord that was not available in the States. And I believe even that was destroyed by parties unknown in a fit of bipolar rage