Thursday, February 22, 2007

behind the times

You know, one more thing. I was just reading an interview with Christina Ricci in Time Out New York. She lost a crazy amount of weight for this movie she's in with Samuel L. Jackson. Another movie with Snake in the title. You think he just liked the name of this one,too?

Anyway, hardly my point.

She said something that really stuck with me.

"I've never really enjoyed how my ass looked from behind, in panties. I don't think many women do, so to me it was like waking up after drinking for three months."

Christina Ricci. Don't say that. Let's not reinforce negative body images in each other. You don't like it, you need to step up on the Self Love. You need to stop reading magazines, remember you're Christina Ricci and that every 20-something-plus man and plenty of women would love to sleep with you.

And. I'm NOT Christina Ricci and I love how my ass looks from behind. Especially, in panties. So there.
Come on, guys. Its 2007, Year of the Pig. Stop throwing up. You have a great ass.
There are just a lot of bad panties out there.

Also, not your fault.

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