Sunday, January 6, 2008

Because you didn't ask...

A pretty obscure and self indulgent "Best of List" for 2007 that probably only I will understand and/or care about (and the few of you who are referenced) unless you think my life is really interesting.

Best Year to be Over Since 2005 : 2007. Yay! Bring on the year of the Rat.

Best Person to go to a Bob Dylan/Elvis Costello Concert with (Mainly Because of Their Impeccable Commentary and Impersonations) : Ryan Evans

Best New Thing I Learned About : The Turducken

Best Freelance Job : Police Teen Theater Project- Yes, I taught comedic improvisation to the NYPD.

Best Job I Lost : Gridskipper

Best Place I Went to in a Plane : Israel

Best Place to Survive a Dust Storm -Naked- While Drinking Jack Daniels : Burning Man

Best Quotes : "Melissa, stop acting like you are from Norway." - AB
"How do you survive?" - FS

Best Way to Make You Feel Like You are Doing Something Important Even When You are Not: Join an Interfaith Seminary

Best Fad That Makes Me Want to Throw a Brick Through a Window: The Dyed- To- Be- Pretty Urban Outfitters Fashion Keffiyeh

New Favorite American City: San Francisco (with Austin, TX as close second)

Best Thing to Happen to Me All Year: Max Kelly

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