Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Boston Over-Easy

Here is what I have to do today:

Before I get on the road to New England today, I have to crack open two large grade A eggs and put them in my car's radiator.

I have been given the specific instruction to cook these eggs in my car.

It is going to help me get where I am going, I have been told by my helpful mechanic, Butch. It is a farmer's cure for a leaky radiator. Why not? If yogurt helps a yeast infection why shouldn't two raw eggs help my car. It's a homeopathic cure.

My car is now officially an ovo-lacto vegetarian.

Isn't this the diet Charles Atlas recommended?

I think my car would rather have a martini.

This is your car.
This is your car on Brunch.


phixit said...

It's true. It's a quick fix. It works. Baking soda and coke work too, but the egg leaves less of a mess afterwards. You're still gonna have to get it fixed.

Rachel said...

please don't eat them.

you know there's things in there which would classify as pro-biotic but are probably not good for you.

Zeina said...

haha "This is your car on Brunch"

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if your "shawdenfreude" title is a witticism for something else, but the real word is "schadenfreude" :)

phixit said...

um...really? i thought the gag was pretty obvious. could just be me.

MS said...


Just wow.

Rachel, is this one of your stalkers?


Rachel said...

dear idddjioooott anonymus,

please don't be a total doofus and miss the most basic form of humor, puns.
This is what's wrong with the world, people on the internet can't understand wittiness at all.

Shaw, baby, your blog name is perfect. Just like you.