Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There are people in Canada who wish I were dead

If you know me at all you might figure I am terrible with technology.
If you know me well you know that I am frightful at it.

There are people in Canada who know things about me you never will.

Sit in front of me in my apartment, tell me that the wireless is out and the PC I use has worms, and I wouldn't say cry but...

The following reaction would be a far cry from fun. Jesus on the Cross was fun. Telling me I have to download something is a massacre.

I wouldn't have a Blog if it wasn't for Sarah Glidden.

But never the less, I was on the phone, with Canada, for far too long, talking to people whose accents I would have taken for "put on" if I didn't know any better.
Talking about wireless, routers, and about 467 things I will never understand.

There is a woman, who I'm sure has a Voodoo Doll, vaugue in shape, because unless she checks Myspace she has no idea what I look like. And this Voodoo Doll says Dumb Loud American and is aimed at my weakest points. It probably looks like a man because she kept calling me sir, and I'm sure there are pins in my hands so I will never ever be able to call back.


MS said...

wan you TOTALLY not wait for sunday html lessons? i will turn you into a geek yet!

Peter said...
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