Sunday, December 31, 2006

Muppets Take the Middle East

They say death comes in threes.
James Brown.
Gerald Ford.
Saddam Hussein.

I made it back to New York. The holidays that involve my family are over. I missed James Brown at the Apollo.

I am very happy to be in New York. I will now go back to taking it for granted.

Since my return, Saddam Hussein has been killed by a Puppet government and the newspapers report George Bush having gone to sleep before it happened. I wonder if that asshole would have slept if a real Puppet were killing him. Like an actual Puppet. Like Burt or Janice.

In fact, I think we should all cut the shit and prop up a Muppet government in Iraq.
Kermit and Miss Piggy could fight about the fact that she wants to show her legs.
I'm sure they would kill Gonzo for looking like a Jew.
Everyone would have hands up their asses instead of heads, and we would be guaranteed at least one more musical number every couple of hours.

Can I absentee vote in Iraq since my country has conquered it?
I vote the Big Bird/Grover ticket.

I have very mixed feelings about the Trial and Death of Saddam Hussein. A few of my friends and bar patrons agree that silencing the man who had the information Saddam did was, to quote one person, "as dumb as shit."

I also think that it was pointless at its most benign and harmful at its worst. And I believe less in the death penalty now than ever.

I will be leaving for Texas in about 18 hours. I will be in New Braunfels/Austin/San Antonio, attempting to create a theater piece based on Border Politics and More of Our American Crap.

I think the timing is pretty alright.

Please check in for the latest from another part of the country that is Not New York.

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Peter said...

I'm inclined to agree with what some people are saying on Atlantic Ave. and other neighborhoods with expatriated Iraqis.. it should have happened after the US withdrawal. For it to happen during the occupation is quite a slap in the face to the people they were supposed to be 'liberating.' It would have been much more uniting to the Iraq to let them do it without outside influence.