Monday, December 18, 2006

Embarrassed That I Like

So, if you have been with me for a while you might know about "The Things I Am Embarrassed I Hate" series.
St. Mark's Bookstore is on the list, flax seed, and New York City Bicycle Riders (except Rachel Hyman who rides in the middle of the road. Which I like).

But now, I would like to talk a little about the things I Am Embarrassed I Like.

Top of the list.

Global Warming.

Yes friends, I am down right embarrassed that I have been walking around saying "wow it's beautiful," when I know that it is a by-product of POISON I am enjoying.

What I really should be saying is, wow, it sure is POISONOUS out today. Doesn't this nice warm air feel simply POISONOUS today?

I am a Bona Fide Jackass. I feel like enjoying the weather we're having is exactly why mouse traps work. Sure, the cheese is there, but for a really bad reason.

Second Thing.
Being outraged by the behavior of Muslim Men. I have to be honest, when I hear men in our country going off about stoning, I get really wet. I don't really even like most men, their opinions, or their agendas, but I'll tell you I get really excited when I hear people focusing in on the FUCKING FACT THAT WOMEN ARE DYING FOR NO FUCKING REASON. Ahem.
I am angry. I am so angry, and what makes me even more angry is that It's looked down on in Liberal Circles TO be angry.
It is spoken of as INTOLERANCE. But I am supposed to tolerate people raping vaginas for sport. For revenge. Well, fuck that. I really like thinking that the way Muslim Men treat women is appalling. (Phixit, I thank you for bringing this up yesterday.)

I like, that maybe, I am not alone behind the Liberal smoke screen of Political Correctness, (which could sometimes also be called, Fear- to- Speak- Out- For- Fear- of- Being -Called- a- Racist).

Here's the deal, Michael Richards is an idiot. So, are men who justify raping women. Period.

I am also embarrassed that I like the singer, Pink.

Here's hoping for a sunny and mild tomorrow.

At the End of the World, I do believe we will all be playing Croquet.


Peter said...

Japanese men weren't much better a while back. Ever hear of foot-binding?

And don't forget there's a whole stretch of countries in Africa, from Sudan to Senegal, that still practice ritual clitoridectomies even to present day. The UN still has a LOT of ground to cover as far as human rights.

I'm embarassed that I like Marmite.

phixit said...

Hey, Marmite is good. But so's Vegimite, so maybe my vote doesn't count.

Aaron said...

Enjoyed Bach and lunch with you. Will now monitor your blog to see if you thought I was cute.


MS said...

Hey aaron. Who are you?
Were you just at my party?

Aaron said...


Surreal comment a mix up. Tim was sharing with me the blogs of a few friends of his and I got two mixed up and errantly left the mildly flirtatious comment above.

I enjoyed your quixotic fundraiser y espero que el viaje a tejas va bien. I will now monitor your blog to see whather you thought I was cute.

xo, Aaron