Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sappy Holiday Thoughts (abridged)

A Few Warm Things You Can Put Your Faith In, An Incomplete Holiday Composite For 2006 by Melissa Shaw and Friends

The amazing power of having a vagina (yours or someone else's, as long as you got one around you).

The amazing power of a vagina when it is mad.

Ashleigh Beyer's colon.

That if your friends have stuck it out with you for this long, they probably will continue to.

There will always be something new. Never ever worry about it.

Life is a lot of things, times, and places. They never replicate, even if they seem to.

Consumer Reports.

The other person sounded way dumber than you did.

Someone will always be able to fix your computer.

Where there is laughter, there is hope.

That lists like these will always get a little sentimental.

That friends who really love you will give you thoughtful presents like boxes of glue for Hanukkah.

T9 on text messaging will recognize "of" before "me", for some reason.

Nothing is irreparable.

Ok, now who was it that promised they would post bail if I ended up killing my family this year?


phixit said...

1..2..3..not it!!!

Peter said...

You know, a blog post that reminds me I have to schedule my colonoscopy as well as wishing me holiday greetings really gets me right.. (thumping kidney area)