Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Almost Nostalgia?

I'm in the car with Rachel.
We are driving to a show downtown.
We reminisced about the ear infection she had not too long ago.
She said that the doctor had blamed it on Q-tips.
She said she was so sick of the medical profession coming down so hard on Q-Tips all the time.

I agreed. I wish they would give it a rest. I have never had anything but success. Q-Tips rock. I will confess a more than minor Q-Tip addiction.

She said that they told her that you shouldn't put anything in your ear that is smaller than an elbow. She, much like me, had no idea when any such thing would ever be necessary. An elbow that is. I mean, really, who's doing that?

We were driving to a Chiptune show. A friend of ours, Bit Shifter was performing. He makes music using three Gameboys.

I have no idea how it happened, or why, but I really like the music. I have been to one other show and totally fell in love with the idea and the way it makes you want to move your head. Post Punk meets Tetris. Pretty cool.

Before the concert we grabbed dinner at a diner. The place made me feel like I was somewhere else. Maybe it was the pictures of Greece on the wall, but I think it was Something Else. Something less about ethnicity and more about time. We had some food and the owner/waiter/counter guy wanted us to guess the salad dressings he had and was pretty pissed that I didn't already know my cheese options. I liked him just the same.

At the show, which was all ages, which made me feel, at times that I was 74, Rachel bought us both earplugs. We were introduced to some of the other performers. I didn't drink and felt a little like the kids who were there with their moms. And I was thinking, how many of these kids ever had a Gameboy? I mean if they're 16 would they? Wasn't there already something cooler when they were "of the age?"

When I was an undergrad, 80's night was all the rage and we would go and dance at different clubs in Boston. The 80's thing seemed to be nostalgia for a time we were mostly too young to have fully enjoyed and understood.

Is my childhood already someone's Almost Nostalgia? I looked around the room. I spotted Rachel. She was dancing.

And then I realized something.

Earplugs are smaller than my elbow.


Joyce Hanson said...

Q-tips give me ear-gasms.

Joyce Hanson said...

P.S. Did you send me the Vanity Fair/Christopher Hitchens link in response to my comment on whether "it is unimportant for a woman to be clever in order to attract a man"? Oh boy. Christopher Hitchens. Is that who's making you feel bad? Why I oughta....What a dirty, well-spoken old reprobate he is. An insanely zealous former Marxist turned war-mongering conservative. That's his talent, to surround his readers with dust clouds of words until they surrender. And he's a world-class drunk, too! I saw him on CNBC the other day, and I couldn't tell if he was loaded or just hung over.