Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of

Was it just me, or was President Bush turning the State of Union into an infomercial for how great America is when he started introducing all those people last night?

Here's a big tall African guy. He plays Basketball. Who has him? We do!
Here's a rich woman with weird baby products. She's blond. What is she? An American!
Here's the guy who saved the kid on the subway. We got one of him here, too.
Red Rover, Red Rover.
Buy! Buy!

I really wish the democrats had had the balls to start chanting something like, "Who's- our- lame- duck?" like the fans used to do to Pedro in Yankee Stadium.

Just a side note: What kind of people become meter maids? I really hope they get paid well for the kind of horrifying work they do. How much do you pay someone to not have a heart? And to ruin someones morning? My plan, next time I get a ticket, is to just hand them the keys to my car and tell them it's their problem now.

Bush mentioned Darfur once. Never mentioned the death of Saddam as far as I heard.The state the union is in, Mr. President, is thinking about the election of 2008. The State of the Union, I would also like to add, followed American Idol. How many people do you think stayed on?

Do you think any part of the President is looking forward to handing off the keys?

Your problem now.


cloudless said...

i missed the speech...guess i didnt miss much

Peter said...

Good old Senator John McCain shares my opinion of Bush's speech: