Friday, January 12, 2007

Tecates and tails

I'm not going to lie. I got drunk and had a entire conversation, last night, that I do not remember. I have been assured, however, that it was probably interesting.

Somewhere, in the mid-afternoon, we found a lizard in a galvanized tub. There were also spiders. Because we wanted to put people in the tub for the purpose of a climactic scene involving ducks wearing Floaties and Zorro masks, those who were not afraid of potentially poisonous spiders went at the task. Not the New Yorkers.

When the Lizard was discovered I gently went at poking it, trying to corral it through the draining hole in the bucket.

My tactic was not working, so one of the other girls, the Texan, went in to grab him.

Severing his tail.

In that moment, there was General Horror. Laughter. Pain. Trauma. And One Wiggling Disembodied Tail.

This was unlike anything I had ever seen. It went on wiggling for 5 minutes more, stranded in the bucket. The Lizard was set on his way, on the other side of the lawn.
Maimed. I was very happy when someone reminded me that this was part of the deal with lizards, and now, he gets a new one.

Only one of the Spiders made it out alive. Why? Because we are doing a theater piece on Immigration.

We had dinner with the owners of the farm not too long after. Two Tecates and a bottle of wine later, babbling incoherently, I wasn't sure who I was offending anymore, or who was offending me.

I just didn't want to think about that Lizard and the fact that he was just living his life, when we took his tail.

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phixit said...

Lizard's new tail = bigger and better. Boys envy lizards.