Friday, January 5, 2007

La Chingada

It is interesting how liberal folks can be very mixed on this subject. This subject of immigrating. How land is separated. Who gets what, who gets to be where. It is also interesting how mixed conservative folks can be on this. It is an unfolding onion. And it has more to do with oranges than any of us might know.

We wouldn't have the economy we do if it weren't for those we are pretending we do not want. Even in High School, we never had these jobs. I never picked a strawberry.

One of the most interesting theories I have heard is to open the borders completely. This way we would have a nation like the EU. Where everybody is everybody. Yeah, how come it matters so much here? I'm still asking.

This Land is your Land. This Land is my Land. I heard that song. You don't think that this has anything to do with language and skin color?

Like, really?

I saw a woman walking her parakeet a coupla hours ago.
She was white and pretty.
The parakeet, however, was bright yellow.

Bright, Bright yellow.
It is almost eighty here and the coffee is strong and the burritos are good and I have seen very few people of Hispanic decent in Austin. New Braunfels is German. What were they doing here? The Germans? Some people were saying something about the soil.

We have discovered something very interesting about a Woman named Dona Marina.
Her nickname, La Chingada, in Spanish, means the "fucked one". She is believed to be the mother of the first Mexican. Cortes had a bit to do with it. As far as we can tell, he did the fucking.

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