Monday, January 29, 2007

And One More Thing

I got one...

A:Knock. Knock.

B:Who's there?


B:Oh, really, now stop it. Ha. Ha. Who is it really?

A:No, no really. It's me WINTER, open up, let me in they're after me!

B:No. Now, don't be silly, do go away. We don't have that here anymore. We wouldn't know what to do with you, anyway. Find someplace else. We're all filled up here.

A:But, wait! Remember snow?

B:Snow who?

A: Um...

B: Snow who?

A: Uh..

B: How are you going to end this joke if you don't know the answer?

A: Well..

B: Make me laugh and I'll let you in.

A: Ok...

B: So?

A: Um,orange... you glad I... didn't say Banana?

B: That's not funny.

A: Does that mean you won't sleep with me?

B: No. I won't sleep with you because you aren't good looking enough.

A: Whew!

See, I'm a riot.

Now, who's more desirable, me or Paris Hilton?


C & A said...

You are!! Start writing your novel/memoir - we want to read it.

We liked hearing about Texas.

Carla and Angel

Peter said...

You are, mostly because you look good without makeup. Paris, however, requires a bulldozer to pile on enough to distract people from her lazy eye, misanthropic lips, and a figure that walking stick insects envy.