Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shady Lane

At the farm on Shady Lane there is a cat who falls over because of its bad equilibrium. Her name is Tiny. There are three goats, Magpie, Sophie, and Icey, all of whom were purchased for the purpose of eating the Poison Ivy. In case you were wondering, their tongues do not get itchy. I asked. There is a naked necked chicken named Penelope, as well. I have seen her eggs.

Outside the front door of the farm stands a headless Buddha. As if someone were saying beware.

There is a Buda, Texas. A few miles from New Braunfels.

We drew Milagros the first day we got here, I pulled a Wild Boar. Milagros are little charms, magical in nature. Annie Levy arrived to complete our HWY Rachel crew, and drew an arm.

Our piece is coming along. Yesterday, We played INS and immigrants.

I have a Masters Degree. No really, I swear.

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Peter said...

Thanks for the descriptions, this is a totally different Texas than I saw, which was mostly batting ranges, tepid restaurants, and line dances with lots of off-color lyrics