Thursday, January 4, 2007

Austin 3, Laredo or not to Laredo

It is my hope to be in Laredo, Texas on Saturday. There is some doubt within the ranks, however. There are rumors that Laredo is rife with shootings and kidnappings. The drug cartels are apparently taking out aggression on both sides of the border. Here, and in Nuevo Laredo, just over the border.

We know that for our work we would like to see the areas where they are trying to put the wall up, the one that was approved in the 2006 Secure Fence Act.
It looks like we might hit the stretch of land between Del Rio and Eagle Pass instead.

I have a call in to the Minute Men As we speak. The Minute Men are a Kamikaze group of white fat men who "take matters into their own hands". Big Ol' Grand Dragon Jim something or other is supposed to be calling me back. I can't wait to get this phone call.

As I try to sound friendly...

"So, You're a racist creep. How is that treating you?"

I got a tip from Beyer that there is a Walmart in Laredo where the the customers are primarily Mexican. They come up over the border and do their shopping. There are more people than you know on the border who oppose this wall. Land owners, Ranchers, and Walmart, I would imagine, no?

The hypocrisy is the thing people keep coming back to. That's what I've been seeing myself, so far.


cloudless said...

you should listen to this podcast of This American Life, Cat and Mouse Cat and Mouse (2/24 Episode 309). Go to and its under the '06 archives section. Listen for free. This guy embeds with the Minutemen for a night. I used to think they were racist creeps too, but after listening to thing I saw that, like anything else, its not so black and white. Check it out!

phixit said...

Yea...I dunno, homie. I'm not exactly a fan of racist fascism, but I'm not a fan of being over-run. 'Sides...I know how hard people have to work to get in here the right way, so I got limited sympathy.